About Me

With over 30 years working in and around manufacturing I have experiences ranging from the shop floor to the boardroom. I have experience with the design and fabrication of custom machine tools and manufacturing automation systems, and have worked as a consultant for technical and business issues for large multinationals and tiny startups.

I'm currently the Director of Acquisitions and Education at freyetic, a business my wife, Shuhui, and I started with an eye to helping the owners of small to medium sized manufacturing businesses retire with peace of mind.

Manufacturing Makes Everything

Why Manufacturing?

Over 70% of manufacturing in the united states happens at businesses with fewer than 50 employees and most of them are owned by people who are 67 years old and have no exit strategy. At freyetic our mission is two fold. First to acquire these small businesses and operate them in place giving the sellers peace of mind knowing their business is in a safe pair of hands, and second to educate business owners about how to position their business to attract the type of buyer they are looking for when they retire.

As a 3rd generation alum of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), and a self confessed knowledge junky, it's no surprise that after declaring myself retired in the fall of 1997 I quickly found myself enrolled in a graduate program in Manufacturing Engineering, becoming a consultant, and 9 years later joining the faculty, taking over the manufacturing laboratories, and setting out to change the way CNC machining is taught. I wrote the first draft of the CNC Quick Guide just a few weeks after taking that position saying to myself " there's only so many times I can show someone how to turn the damn machine on before I go crazy." -- 10,000 students later I’d like to think I'm still sane but only time will tell.