From Haiku

I started writing haikus after reading “The Power of Less” by Leo Babauta.  In the book he discussed the difference between a haiku and a good haiku. If you just want a haiku you only need 17 syllables on your topic. If you want a good haiku you need the best 17 syllables.  I thought that trying to write a good haiku about my topic before I five a talk or a lecture would be a great way to get in the fight frame of mind to give that lecture or talk.

haikus bring focus
haikus change my state of mind
thet get me ready

act now

do you want success
only action brings success
act now God dammit

Today’s haiku was inspired by Og Mandino. In the chapter titled “The Scroll Marked IX” in the book “The Greatest Salesman in the World” Og drives home the point that it is action that moves things. The book is amazing if you have never read it, get it today read it today and study it for the rest of your life. Don’t think you are a Salesman? I can tell you for sure that if you are not selling you are buying. We all sell all day long whether your job title is Engineer of Mom you are a Salesman every time you want someone to do something they are not already doing. This month I’m reading Scroll IX everyday to drive home to myself that I need to act on my ideas not just think them.

love your family and choose your friends

you are the average
the average of your 5 best friends
please choose them wisely

The magic number may be 4 or even 6 but everyone seems to agree that we become like the people we hang out with. So take a look at those people you spend time with and decide are you bringing the average up or is it bringing you up.

We get to choose who are friends are we get t choose who we spend time with so choose people that will bring you in the direction you want to go.


all i can do

all i can do

all i can do
all that i can truly do
is what i do now

When you find your self in thinking about things you should have done, could have done, or even would have done if you had only thought of them there is only one thing you can do.

Figure out what you need to do now and do it.

We all get the Woulda – Shoulda – Couldas but we cannot afford to sit and wallow in them. Recognize them for what they are and move on by taking action that moves you in the direction you need to go.

the most important question you can ask

just ask one thing
how can this become better
if you don’t it won’t

I was listening to a talk this morning by Kasey Phillips on the iinspire morning call ( Kasey talked about creating great things from the darkest of times. In her amazing story of finding great success out of a stressful situation that she found herself in years ago. At the end of the talk she asked all of us to ask one question everyday whether it was a great day or our darkest day.

“How can it get any better than this?”

On great days this helps us accelerate the good things that are happening and on less great days focusing on the positive eliminates any reinforcement of negative things that are happening. No matter what is happening this question can help you.

celebrate hump day

celebrate hump day
you’re on the top of the week
the view’s amazing

As I drove my kids to school this morning we watched (listened to) a YouTube remix video of the Geico “Hump Day Commercial” over and over again. Two or three replays into the video it dawned on me that If it truly is hump day then it is at the top of the week. We have a 360 degree view from the top of the week with three days of actions and feedback behind us and three more in front that can benefit from the things we’ve just learned.

So celebrate hump day and move on.

are you too comfortable?

sit back and relax
get really comfortable
can’t do much from there

There’s a story I heard:

Two old men sat on a porch in rocking chairs enjoying their relaxation and remembering times from their youth. It was a beautiful late summer day and young children played in a nearby field. An old dog lay between them and every now and then to dog would let out a lazy yelp of pain.

After several yelps one of the men asked “Why’s he keep doin that?”

The other responds “There’s a nail that’s popped out of the board right where he’s layin.”

“Why don’t he move?

“It don’t hurt that much I guess.”

That is exactly what your life can be like if you let yourself get too comfortable. If you are too comfortable you don’t have any incentive to move. If you don’t move you can’t grow. If you don’t grow you might as well be dead! If you truly want to grow and move on with your life you need to get yourself our of your comfort zone experience new things and do something different.

This haiku was inspired by Breakfast With Ted this morning. This mornings post is the first in a five part series where I examine five phrases from Adam Braun, Author of “The Promise of a Pencil”

on doing and growing

do – repeat – repeat
do you really want to grow
do something different

We all have habits, some good some bad, and some that were once good but are no longer serving us. I’ve been on a journey for several years now to learn to be better:

  • a better father,
  • a better husband,
  • a better teacher,
  • a better business owner,
  • a better person…

In that journey I’ve read at least one book a week, watched hundreds of TED talks, been to seminars and talks, participated in mastermind groups, and hired coaches and consultants. I established an amazing habit of learning and feel that I have grown immensely from the experience. But have I truly grown, or simply prepared to grow?

     To truly grow, to truly change, to become someone different It’s not enough, I think, to learn the learning; we must also do the doing. An online friend recently posted a video on the topic and he may as well have been speaking directly to me when he said if you are one of those people who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk you should stop this video now… And although I’ve done some doing on this journey I’ve done a lot more talking, and now it’s time to truly grow and do something different.

I am done talking about doing and am interested in the doing itself instead. The doing is in fact the only real action we have. It is the thing that actually moves us forward. What will you do today?


autumn zen

autumn zen

chip mulch rake into piles
autumn leaves or miles and miles
it’s gonna snow soon

It’s early November in New England and the leaves for the most part are on the ground. It’s a time to get ready for winter and enjoy crisp mornings and the occasional warm afternoon. Pools have been closed, and it’s time to put a way lawn furniture and tune up the snow blower. We rake bag and mulch the leaves and although there are none left in the trees they seem to accumulate under shrubs and on front walks.

This is a wonderful time of year, a time of transition and reflection, I time for family and anticipation of the holidays to come.