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http://entremontagnesetlac.com/tryrara/magbo/3123 Have you ever met that person? You know, the one who argues about everything? Are you friends with them? I’ve known married couples that both act this way, and I’ve seen PhD candidates go at it with their advisers when they should have been listening to advice.

site de rencontre mariage blanc I came up with this haiku a few months ago at a moment when I was feeling especially correct but didn’t post until today.  This week I’ve been reading Ray Dalio’s book “Principles” and in the book he recommends practices of reasoned disagreement. He notes that even if you continue to disagree with someone it is important that you fully understand why they believe what they do. In the book he tells the story of how he implemented these practices and several other and eventually created the larges hedge fund in the world.


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