Wait, are you sure you should do that now? | Waiting around with Adam Grant

I’ve been thinking for weeks that It was time for me to write another blog post. When I started Breakfast With TED I was posting almost daily, then I got caught up, caught up doing things that I thought would generate revenue. For so many days lately I’ve been thinking I’ll start posting again, I really enjoy it, I have a chance to learn something from every TED talk I listen to, and when I really do learn something I can share it with both of my readers and maybe they will learn something too.

But every time I thought “I’ll do it today” I then thought “But, but… I’ve got so much real work to do… writing blog posts about TED talks is just procrastination”

This morning as I finished my breakfast shake and was about to step into the shower, done with the rest of my morning routine a few minutes early I decided “what the heck let’s see what’s playing on TED today.” I’ve been learning about habits lately so my search on youtube was for “ted habits” and I settled on this great talk by Adam Grant a Professor at the Wharton School. Adam shares with us in his talk that there is a sweet spot where some procrastination can actually help us change the world. If we rush in early and drive to the finish quickly or wait till the last minute and through something together we’ve never really taken the time required to generate original thought. For more on this topic check out the TED talk below or get Prof Grant’s book “Originals How Nonconformists change the world”

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