Tai Lopez – how to fill your living room with the smarted people in the world with

Go Here If this talk doesn’t make you pick up a book then visit the website you should just grab a beer and sit down in front of the TV  because you have already failed at life. Tai tells us “It’s not supposed to be easy” but if we are persistent we will succeed. He lays out a plan in this short talk with practical advice about how we can all move into the life we want. Spend 33% of your time with people 10x beyond the place you want to go, 33% with your peers, and 33% with people you can help and mentor (i guess the 1% left over is for sleep:).

Visit Website I used to pride myself on reading a book a week. After this video I think I need to up my game a little bit. I’m not sure I want to live in the Hollywood Hills but it would be nice to have the choice and if picking good mentors and reading a book a day got him off a couch in a mobile home in North Carolina and into a home in the hills it seems like a pattern to follow.

visit their website I know you are thinking that you don’t have time to read a book a day but Tai notes that we don’t have to read a new book each day, and we don’t have to read the whole thing. Most books he says only have one or two nuggets that have true value to us at any point in time those are the parts to read.

discounted softgel viagra For more on Tai you can check out his web site at http://www.tailopez.com/ or search for him on social media he is present in all of the usual places.

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