are you too comfortable?

sit back and relax
get really comfortable
can’t do much from there

There’s a story I heard:

Two old men sat on a porch in rocking chairs enjoying their relaxation and remembering times from their youth. It was a beautiful late summer day and young children played in a nearby field. An old dog lay between them and every now and then to dog would let out a lazy yelp of pain.

After several yelps one of the men asked “Why’s he keep doin that?”

The other responds “There’s a nail that’s popped out of the board right where he’s layin.”

“Why don’t he move?

“It don’t hurt that much I guess.”

That is exactly what your life can be like if you let yourself get too comfortable. If you are too comfortable you don’t have any incentive to move. If you don’t move you can’t grow. If you don’t grow you might as well be dead! If you truly want to grow and move on with your life you need to get yourself our of your comfort zone experience new things and do something different.

This haiku was inspired by Breakfast With Ted this morning. This mornings post is the first in a five part series where I examine five phrases from Adam Braun, Author of “The Promise of a Pencil”

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