the meaning of life and what makes us human with Michael Stevens

With a discussion of nuclear explosions, cheese, and talking apes Michael Stevens brings us a little closer to the meaning of life in his TED talk.
     He notes that humans are the only animals that we know for sure question things. We can train apes to communicate with sign language but no one has ever observed one to ask a question…
     We, as humans, learn to learn by questioning the people around us. As soon as we can speak as a child, we begin asking the question why and we, at times, unceasingly ask why and this makes us what we are. As we grow older we stop asking why possibly because we don’t want to show that we don’t know, possibly because we got tired of the answer: “Just because!
     It’s hard to ask good questions but we must continue to ask them and continue to grow as humans if we want to have any chance of achieving the meaning of life.
And if you are wondering why there is a picture of a computer on a treadmill at the top of this post well you can watch my video:

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