Coffee and leftover stirfry with Greg McEvilly

rencontre lot “Why daddy why!”, its one of the most rewarding and at the same time most frustrating questions of fatherhood. Thoughts and emotions crash through your mind every time the question comes. navigate to these guys smiling — oh she’s so curiousfrowning — wait she knows this she’s testing menow trying to control your facial expression — her latest blog maybe she forgotmaybe she is testing mei really don’t have time for this now, just get in the car, pleasewell ok it is a good question but know I don’t have time to get into it

coomeva citas en linea medellin “Just because, just because.” comes the answer…
     Greg McEvilly wasn’t willing to accept that answer when he learned that every minute a child was dieing in Africa from malaria a disease that I flippantly fight most summer evenings with a gin and tonic sitting out by the pool watching my ever so inquisitive girls. Greg, not as flippant as I am, had been asking himself why a lot when this knew information came to him. He was asking himself why he did the things he did, why people did the things they did and boiled the answer down to two basic motivations Love and Fear and at the same time he realized that love was a much better reason.  Love as a motivator he defines as being other centered with little to no regard for self. With this love as motivation he founded a company to help fight the fight against malaria in Africa and with his help and the help of many others it’s possible that no one will die of malaria in Africa by the year 2015.

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