Peter Bregman

application pour rencontrer des asiatiques +Peter Bregman is an author and management consultant. He reminds us that we grow by learning from our failures and, yet at the same time, we often refuse to listen to feedback. I know that I frequently want to block out feedback when I think I already know what I did (am doing) wrong and the feedback starts with that. I’ts too bad that we cannot just break out our inner five year old and cover our ears repeating the mantra “I’m not listening” when we are sitting in our bosses office.
     Bregman tells us that if we truly want to succeed and grow that we have to take our hands off our ears and have those difficult discussions  and even embrace the emotions they bring to the surface.
          If you like the TED talk you might like Peter’s latest book,  “18 Minutes” It covers many of the same themes.

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