steak and eggs with BJ Fogg

tizanidine price represent This morning on breakfast with TED BJ Fogg a researcher at Stanford University explained that the best way to change your own behavior is to start small.  Ambitious habits are bound to fail but if you make a change so small that you hardly notice it you cannot fail. If you then stack lots of…

an omelette with Dr. Sean Richardson

tous les sites de rencontres gratuit Sean Richardson is a dynamic speaker an this talk was a great way to start off this short week.  Dr. Richardson explains that sometimes nothing is the right thing to do. He also reminds us that success often comes as we learn from our failures.     For more info Sean’s current research visit . To watch to talk click below.     As to…

pushin with a chain?

amu rencontre ikuto you can’t push a chainbut if you pull it followslead people, don’t pushInspired by breakfast with TED

slow carb with Bob Davids

rencontre link Breakfast with ted this morning was another amazing talk.  Bob Davids a successful business man and entrepreneur spoke about one of his mentors, Robert Townsend, and about Robert’s timeless book “Up the Organization.”       I bought the book on Amazon before the talk was over and had almost finished the first chapter before I…

eggs, curry, and Adam Braun

site rencontre cdate This is a great video for breakfast.  It has inspiration and message. +Adam Braun tells a great story of doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do.  I love the concept of the “For Purpose” business, profit’s be damned, or at least funneled back to the purpose.