“Do you want your kids to get sex education or sex training?” – Scott Geller

Can you educate without training? To educate is to draw out knowledge and empower your students to learn. To train is to display knowledge and allow your students to copy it. 
     Scott Geller’s TED X talk is titled “The psychology of self motivation” and in it he talks about how to empower people to be self motivated or to feel empowered. To feel empowered 

  • you must feel that you can do the thing you need to do, 
  • you must believe the thing you need to do will work, and
  • you must believe that what you need to do is worth it.

He challenges educators to empower their students to learn.
     As someone who “works” in higher education I often here colleagues say that we are here to educate not to train that we need to concentrate on the theory not the practice yet the motto of my institution is Theory and Practice and I know that you cannot educate unless you also train. and training can take many forms but it must involve action.

  • The training allows the students feel empowered to learn; it let’s them know that they can do the things they need to do. 
  • After training you must give the students the opportunity to build confidence by repeating the action steps. A lecture without activity that follows is a waste of breath.
  • Our most important job as educators is to inspire the students to want to learn.
If your students are not inspired they will not learn but if you listen to them you will here them say things like “It’s only a hundred questions I can memorize that long enough to take the test.” So please train them and educate them.

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