permeative learning

opcje binarne knf bring your learning inlet it permeate your mindfocus and relax Inspired by Barbara Oakley’s TEDx talk at TEDxOaklandUniversity read more on Breakfast With TED more on Barbara Oakley at

a quick coffee with Polly Young-Eisendrath We are truly happy when we are “in the zone”, experiencing “flow”, when we are engaged fully with the activity we are engaging in.  Polly Young-Eisendrath reminds us of this in her TEDx talk that happiness is a decision away at all times. If we decide to be an active participant in life we can experience happiness in the simplest and even the most tedious of tasks. So when you…

edible endurance with Bruce Muzik

One study says we lie an average of 18 times an hour when we first meet someone. Holding these lies in and keeping them strait can take so much of our personal energy at times that we can become clinically depressed and it can even drive us to suicidal thoughts. Bruce Muzik shares with us in this…

own your life

own the things you’ll dobecause you do what you ownIts human nature